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The Fisherman Fishing Planet Day One Edition PS4/PS5

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Professional online fishing simulator that attempts to fill the market niche in the genre. It was developed by Fishing Planet LLC, a studio that employs the creators of Go Fishing, a Facebook game, as well as such famous titles as Crysis, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or the Metro series. It is worthy of note that the basic version of the game is distributed for free, however, there are optional DLCs available for purchase that offer exclusive fish species and various kinds of equipment.


The game from Fishing Planet LLC, developed by “keen anglers for anglers”, allows us to experience the pleasures of the popular hobby and hone our fishing skills in any place at any time, both on our own and with friends. Fishing Planet for PS4 offers 7 scenic fisheries, modeled after their real-world counterparts, each characterized by different climatic conditions, terrain shape, and vegetation.


As befits a real simulator, the action in Fishing Planet is presented from the first person (fisherman's) perspective. The developers put emphasis on recreating the fishing experience as faithfully as possible. The players are given a wide array of professional equipment, thousands of baits with unique physical and hydrodynamic properties, as well as kayaks and boats that can be used to move all over water reservoirs. One of the most important aspects of the game is the advanced artificial intelligence system that applies to around 40 available fish species. It is closely correlated to weather and climatic conditions, time of the day, water currents, water and air temperature, type of the reservoir’s bottom, wind speed and so on. As a result, it provides unparalleled individuality of every fish species and unique behavior of each bait, all at the same time. Furthermore, the developers implemented a realistic system of equipment damage. For example: fishing rods, lines and spinning reels can be damaged depending on their physical characteristics.

Game modes

While Fishing Planet allows us to hone our fishing skills in single player mode, it's focus lies primarily on multiplayer, offering several varied game modes and the opportunity to take part in online fishing tournaments, inspired by their most famous counterparts in real life.

Technical aspects

Fishing Planet for PC and PS4 is characterized by high quality visuals and realistic physics. Particularly noteworthy features of the game include faithfully recreated fisheries (with the use of modern techniques, such as photographer) and realistic water behavior, including such details as waves and wrinkles on the surface that change depending on the wind, currents, and depth. Additional advantage of the title are the dynamic day and year cycles that take into account weather phenomena typical of different seasons.

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