Professional Farmer 2017 PS4

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Another installment in the popular farming simulator series, also known as Agrar Simulator. The general gameplay mechanics remain the same, while the game is still divided into simulation and economic parts. In the former, we personally engage in various farming activities, such as field reclamation, animal breeding, crop production, planting trees, and harvesting, using a wide variety of agricultural machines. The money we earn is invested into development of our farm, namely: expanding its infrastructure, hiring employees, and purchasing additional equipment. The realistically modeled calendar of farming work as well as occasionally occurring random problems and obstacles play important roles in the game. In addition, the visuals were enhanced, especially since Professional Farmer 2016 is the first installment of the series to be released on consoles.

The German company UIG Entertainment is one of the most famous game developers that specialize in the incredibly popular simulator genre. Apart from a large variety of niche productions, intended mostly for casual players, the Professional Farmer series is undoubtedly among the key products in the producer’s portfolio. The previous editions of Professional Farmer, contrary to the latest one, were developed in cooperation with PlayWay, a Polish developer studio.

Professional Farmer 2016 for PlayStation 4 is another installment in the aforementioned series, this time around developed by the experienced VIS Games that has previously developed a number of successful simulators. It is also worthy of note that the production described herein is the first game in the Professional Farmer franchise which was released not only for PC, but also a wide variety of consoles. Without a doubt, Bandai Namco Entertainment, the series' global publisher since 2014, played an important role in making this decision.


As the title suggests, in Professional Farmer 2016we assume the role of a professional farmer whose task is not only to constantly develop his farm, but also work on the land himself. Therefore, we are personally involved in carrying out a number of field works, using a wide variety of agricultural machines and need to take care of the economic aspect of our business, investing the earned money in the development of the farm.


The gameplay of Professional Farmer 2016 for PlayStation 4 has not significantly changed in comparison with the previous installments in the series and is still divided into simulation and economic parts. In the former, we can personally drive tens of various, licensed agricultural machines, such as tractors, harvesters and all kinds of trailers with different purposes. We engage in reclamation of fields, animal breeding, crop production, tree planting as well as felling. The realistically modeled farm work calendar, based on the cycle of seasons, is an important gameplay element because it influences the order and productiveness of our activities.

The economic aspect of the game boils down to constant development of our farm in the most profitable way, which, in turn, allows us to expand its infrastructure, hire essential employees, and purchase more efficient equipment. Of course, sometimes things are not going exactly as planned. The obstacles that we can occasionally come across include adverse weather conditions and many other kinds of random events.


The developers of Professional Farmer 2016 for PlayStation 4 focused mainly on polishing the prequel's most popular features, as well as adapting its engine to the requirements of the new platforms. Despite the fact that Professional Farmer stands out with the quality of graphics from among a number of other simulators by UIG Entertainment, there are still numerous visual elements that remind us of the low-budget lineage of the series.

Išleidimo data2016-05-27
PEGI retingas3+
Žaidimo žanrasSimuliatorius
Multiplayer OnlineNėra
PlatformaPlaystation 4


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Professional Farmer 2017 PS4

Išleidimo data: 2016-05-27

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