Saints Row IV: Re-Elected PS4

Išleidimo data: 2015-01-23


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The fourth installment in a series of popular action games. Saints Row IV was developed by Volition, initially cooperating with THQ, later, with Deep Silver. When it comes to the plot, it is a sequel to Saints Row: The Third. An alien invader called Zinyak wishes to take control over the Earth's women and resources. Execution of these plans can be prevented only by the members of the Third Street Saints gang. However, Zinyak manages to capture the leader of the gang and holds them as a prisoner within a virtual simulation of the city of Steelport. Assuming the role of the gang leader, the player has to find a way back to reality and stop the invasion. Saints Row IV offers several new mechanics, such as superpowers the protagonist has at their disposal (superhuman force and speed for instance).

“Saints Row IV” is the fourth part of a sandbox series compared to the “Grand Theft Auto” series. The game was developed by Volition studio.

The game continues where the third part ended. A power-hungry alien named Zinyak wants to invade Earth to possess planet’s natural resources and women. Only Third Street Saints gang can stop him. To secure the victory, Zinyak snatches the gang’s leader (i.e. the player) and imprisons him inside a virtual simulation of Steelport. This copied location resembles the real city, but it turns the hero into a slave. You will visit numerous locations, e.g. a typical American city of the 50s, computer program’s core or a huge spaceship.

The game features an extensive campaign comprised of numerous missions related to both main and side quests. Basic gameplay mechanisms remain unchanged, except for one thing –the player’s character has a number of superpowers. Our avatar has been blessed with e.g. superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability of performing giant jumps. These factors influence the gameplay possibilities by offering even more fun and crazy destruction.

Išleidimo data2015-01-23
PEGI retingas18+
Žaidimo žanrasVeiksmo/Nuotykių
Multiplayer OnlineYra
PlatformaPlaystation 4


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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected PS4

Išleidimo data: 2015-01-23

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