Titanfall Xbox One

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A spectacular action FPP game, focusing on the multiplayer mode, produced by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. The story takes place in the far future, and the plot revolves around the conflict between powerful corporations and people living on colonized planets. The players take on the roles of soldiers piloting the eponymous Titans, which are huge, armed mechs. The game features only a complex multiplayer mode, allowing for up to 12 players to participate in a single online match. Titanfall utilizes a modified version of the Source Engine, resulting in a nice compromise between high-end audiovisual layer and moderate system requirements.

Titanfall for Xbox One is an online FPS set in an original sci-fi universe. An American studio, Respawn Entertainment, founded in 2010, was responsible for the production. Two of its founders, Vince Zampella and Jason West, previously worked in leading positions at the Infinity Ward studio, and helped to create the Call of Duty series.


In Titanfall humanity is divided into two warring factions. The first is a consortium of powerful corporations who wish to lay hands on the resources of the planets which remain far beyond the concern of the authorities of the Earth. The second is the rebellious inhabitants exploited by big business worlds. While working on the game universe, the creators drew inspiration from films such as District 9 and Blade Runner.

Game Modes

Despite the fact that the title offers only multiplayer mode – in the form of a campaign or singular matches based on different variants of online gameplay (Attrition, Capture the Flag, Domination Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing, or Pilot Hunter) – the world presented is consistent and based on sound, logical base. Multiplayer matches take place at several different arenas scattered throughout the galaxy. For each location, there is a story and justification for the war waged there. In this way, the developers combined traditional multiplayer mode, by default focused exclusively on player competition, with the solutions known from single player productions.


The players assume the role of soldiers who can pilot 8-meter mechs called Titans. The latter are a kind of reward for good performance on the battlefield, but in the end even the less skilled players get to pilot them. Initially, everyone starts the game on foot, but unlike many other FPSs, they spend a lot of time above the ground. Titanfall is distinguished by an interesting movement system which puts an emphasis on smooth and extremely fast traversing through the maps. Playable characters are equipped with jetpacks, allowing them to jump higher and farther than they normally would. Walkers can jump between buildings and run along the walls, so they are able to get to the other end of the map without setting foot on the ground.

Up to 12 player at a time can participate in an online match, divided into two warring teams, although a lot more characters appear on the map, some of which are AI-controller soldiers and hackable robots. In addition, in Titanfall there are representatives of local fauna – some animals are not aggressive, while others hunt for the players.

The developers, inspired by the Call of Duty series, introduced a system of character advancement through experience and introduced unlockable weapons and gadgets for battlefield performance. Besides the futuristic weaponry, the player can use additional attributes and tactical abilities. The game offers several classes of machines with differing equipment and special skills. Titans possess much more powerful weapons than ordinary soldiers, however, the arenas are designed in such a way that the differences in the firepower between footmen and deadly machines. Mechs can be neutralized with traditional methods or by jump on their back and dealing a devastating blow to their weak spot.

Technical aspects

Titanfall for Xbox One is powered by a heavily modified version of the Source Engine. No matter what happens on the screen, it provides stable performance and effects to which we have been accustomed by contemporary productions of the genre.

Išleidimo data2014-03-13
PEGI retingas16+
Žaidimo žanrasVeiksmo/Nuotykių
Multiplayer OnlineYra
PlatformaXbox One


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Titanfall Xbox One

Išleidimo data: 2014-03-13

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