UFC 2 Xbox One

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The second installment in the new sports series launched by EA Sports in 2014 as a spiritual successor to the UFC Undisputed franchise. Like the title suggests, the gameplay is focused on MMA matches and concentrates on recreating this spectacular sport as faithfully and realistically as possible. The most noteworthy among the novelties introduced in EA Sports UFC 2 are the numerous enhancements in the combat model (especially the ground game) and the new Knockout Physics system, responsible for executing powerful and spectacular finishing strikes. The game offers the widest selection of actual male and female MMA fighters thus far, as well as a wide range of single and multiplayer modes, especially the career mode that lets us lead our character from the bottom up to the top of leaderboards. The game also features the Ultimate Team collectible card mode known from other productions of EA Sports.

In 2014, Electronic Arts launched a new sports series for the fans of MMA, EA Sports UFCEA Sports UFC 2 for Xbox One is the second installment of this franchise and introduces a lot of novelties and changes.


The gameplay in EA Sports UFC 2 is naturally about fights between famous MMA fighters. The developers tried to recreate real fights as realistically as possible. Among the biggest novelties of UFC 2, the most noteworthy one is the Knockout Physics System that is responsible for performing powerful finishing attacks. The creators also introduced major enhancements in the ground game, which is now more important. Moreover, the game boasts the biggest selection of fighters ever (now also including women). One of them, Ronda Rousey, can be seen on the cover art.

Game modes

EA Sports UFC 2 for Xbox One allows us to play in various single and multiplayer modes. The basic one is the career mode, of course, in which we start from the bottom and climb to the top of the leaderboards. We may also jump right into the KO Mode that has only one rule: to wipe the opponent off the ring. However, before engaging in real fights, it is helpful to train in the Training Camps, first.

Another important mode is the UFC Ultimate Team, which is a collectible card mode. We create a team of MMA fighters (a maximum of five fighters of various weight classes) and have them fight in the ring. This way, we make money for new cards that, for example, increase the skills of our fighters.

The whole is complemented by the online struggle for the champion title as well as the fighter editor that allows us to modify the appearance of fighters.

Technical aspects

EA Sports UFC 2 for Xbox One is powered by the Ignite engine known from other sports productions of Electronic Arts such as the FIFAseries. Thanks to the introduction of more advanced physics, better fighter animations, and greater attention to details (more natural hair, for instance), the virtual matches resemble actual TV transmissions.

Išleidimo data2016-03-15
PEGI retingas16+
Žaidimo žanrasKovos/Muštynės
Multiplayer OnlineYra
PlatformaXbox One


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UFC 2 Xbox One

Išleidimo data: 2016-03-15

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