Titanfall 2 Xbox One

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A continuation of a multiplayer shooter by Respawn Entertainment, which was published in 2014 exclusively on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. In contrast to the first installment, Titanfall 2 offers a single player campaign in which you assume the role of a resistance rifleman with the ambition of becoming a pilot. His chance comes as the owner of an Argus class Titan dies during his mission and the stranded machine chooses the protagonist as its new pilot. Gameplay in Titanfall 2 consists of controlling futuristic soldiers who can climb buildings, double-jump, and call in powerful war machines from orbit. The game follows the path of its first part, yet the developers decided to introduce some new gadgets and mechanics elements that made gameplay more appealing. The game features six new Titans, each having unique abilities.

Titanfall 2 for Xbox One is a continuation of an FPP shooter Titanfall published in 2014. Due to financial reasons, the first part developed by Respawn Entertainment was released exclusively on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. The sequel was not covered by the agreement with Microsoft, therefore this is a multiplatform title published on every major gaming platform.


In contrast to the first Titanfall, the production offers a fully-fledged single player campaign. In Titanfall 2 you are in control of a resistance rifleman who dreams of becoming a pilot. The owner of an Argus class Titan is killed in action and the stranded machine chooses the hero as his new pilot. Now the unusual pair of protagonists has to finish the mission and to do that, they will have to face the outnumbering forces of the enemy.


Gameplay consists in controlling soldiers of the future who, in contrast to regular soldiers, can climb buildings, double-jump, and most importantly can summon war robots – the titular Titans – during battle. Players seated at their controls have greater firepower, but other players can also use Titans, thus gameplay is well-balanced.

Taking the first instalment into consideration, developers introduced a number of changes which, however, do not turn gameplay upside down, yet they considerably influence it. Apart from the mentioned single player campaign, Titanfall 2 on Xbox One features humongous swords used by Titans. The robots themselves are much more agile and can perform more spectacular attacks. The pilots also profited a bit - apart from new guns models and gadgets (e.g. gravity grenades), they are equipped with the grappling hook that enables players to draw distant enemies closer and helps in climbing.

The game features six new Titans. Of course, all of them differ in abilities, e.g. Scorch uses T-203 Thermite Launcher and sets everything within its firing range on fire, and Kation shoots energy beams out of his particle cannon.

Technical aspects

Visuals of Titanfall 2 for Xbox One are kept in a similar style to the first part of the series, but naturally the production is more attractive, animations are more smooth, and locations are more diverse.

Other information

Titanfall 2 primarily focuses on multiplayer, so the developer decided to make free every map and game mode added with after premier updates.

Išleidimo data2016-10-28
PEGI retingas16+
Žaidimo žanrasVeiksmo/Nuotykių
Multiplayer OnlineYra
PlatformaXbox One

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Titanfall 2 Xbox One

Išleidimo data: 2016-10-28

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