Worms Battlegrounds PS4

Išleidimo data: 2014-05-30


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Worms Battlegrounds is a turn-based strategy game, being another installment in the series began in 1995 on Amiga computers. It was developed by the British studio, Team 17, which is the exact same that produced all previous games.

The developers did not experiment with the formula of the series, so the basic mechanics of gameplay were not changed in a significant way. The game still is about two groups of worms armed to the teeth who fight each other. The battles take place on 2D maps and are divided into turns during which a single unit is given an amount of time to change position and carry out attacks. A huge arsenal was given at the players’ disposal, but most of it is short-ranged. When aiming at a distant enemy, we have to take into account many different factors. Every element of the environment is destroyable which is another attraction and makes the battles more interesting. It also allows to, for example, throwing the enemy off a cliff or building a bunker for your own worms.

Išleidimo data2014-05-30
PEGI retingas12+
Žaidimo žanrasVaikiški
Multiplayer OnlineYra
PlatformaPlaystation 4


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