Lords of the Fallen Xbox One [Naudotas]

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RPG action game set in a fantasy universe. Lords of the Fallen is a collective work of Deck 13 and CI Games. The story invites you into a world where the mankind once rebelled against the tyranny of a cruel god and managed to bind him to mountain range. Thousands years later the evil grows in strength again, and the only one able to stop it is a hero who is not clean of vice himself. The character controlled by the player represents one of three classes, following a path of weapon or magic. As befits an action RPG, Lords of the Fallen focuses around spectacular combat against diverse opponents. The game is powered by the Fledge Engine.

A dynamic action RPG addressed to mature players. The game focuses on combat, character development, collecting inventory, and exploration of its world. The emphasis was put on adjusting the mechanics and the storyline to the individual style of play of each player.

Tomasz Gop, co-creator of The Witcher, was involved in development. Shortly after the release of the second Witcher, he left the ranks of CD Projekt RED. Gop served as the executive producer and designed the gameplay mechanics in detail as well as the overall concept of the game. A large portion of the project was finished by a German studio, Deck 13

The world of the game is an ancient one where, thousands of years ago, the mankind rebelled against the tyranny of its god and managed to kill him. His body gradually changed into a mountain range that separates the north, inhabited by a civilization mage-priests, from the south which is the home of warriors.

The player chooses from the three classic character classes: warrior, mage and assassin. In addition, each character has the opportunity to follow the path of magic or combat (or combine both). Depending on that decision, the attitude of various factions towards the protagonist changes. The loot is dependend on the tactic used. If an enemy is killed by means of magic, he or she will drop a spell or an artifact, while an enemy defeated in melee combat will drop a weapon or an armor.

Išleidimo data2014-10-31
PEGI retingas16+
Žaidimo žanrasRPG (Vaidmens)
Multiplayer OnlineNėra
PlatformaXbox One


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Lords of the Fallen Xbox One [Naudotas]

Išleidimo data: 2014-10-31

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